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lifecell [formerly life:)] is the third largest Ukrainian mobile telephone network operator, (after Kyivstar and Vodafone Ukraine) covering 98.82% of Ukrainian inhabited territory. The company is wholly owned by Turkcell.


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Senior director (Former Employee) says

"Company and management have no sense of purpose. Some of the management acted inappropriately. There were no positives about the company. Three different CEOs in 3 years!NoneToo many to name"

Expert in my area (Former Employee) says

"I was working so hard and contributed my time and family life so much, but my managers didn't like me. The reason they didn't like me is because I am the expert in my area but they don't know anything about it. They were afraid of, I think, I was going to take them over and made them look bad. In order to get rid of me, they made up some non-existing reasons, and gave me the lowest rating during the year-end performance evalution no matter how great my performance was. During my employment years, I spent double or triple of my time working nights and weekends. I didn't even take one single day off throughout a year until December to work on a critical project, but no one appreciated and they even blamed me for something that I was not responsible at all. The manager only took credit and blamed others when something went wrong. This is the company that having no life, no fairness and no future at all!!!NoneMany"

SME (Former Employee) says

"I have been working there for sveral years, and worked like a slave day and night, and most of the weekends, but the managers never appreciated. They never gave you any credit, and comp time or anything else. As a technical expert, I have been contributed so much and added great values to the company and projects, but at the end of the year, they even giave me a very bad performance rating. My manager and director knew nothing about technical but they wanted to control us technical people and they even wanted and had made technical decisions based on their ignorance, so that created many problems. Once problems happened, they first blamed the technical people like us, and never took responsiblities themselves. They randomly fired people they don't like, and place their own people they know to create their own network. This is the company you don't want to work a single day there!!!NoneRandomly fires people, never appreciate hard-working employees, treat employees like slaveI have 100% agree with that. This is a company you don't want to work with for a single day!The company has nothing wrong, but the people who makes the company like a hell.Keep away from it and go find job anywhere else!"

Process Operator (Former Employee) says

"While they want you to believe they are a high end efficient corporation, don't be fooled by the facade.Worst management I have ever encountered while group leads and tech 2s stab you in the back over the smallest mishap. Benefits aren't bad but they aren't worth it. You are expected to do overtime and management guilts you into working holidays. They are hypocrites, they preach being a change champion yet they do not even know what that means. QA needs to look around more to notice the breaches in the splitter room and BSCs. This place is a joke. When they aren't trying to throw you under a bus, some co-workers are really nice. You try really hard to believe they are helping the greater good, but take it as it is. They are getting a FREE product from the death of another being and selling a 4x4 inch of tissue for $35,000+ that is not covered by insurance. Also, the families of the deceased donor do not get any compensation whatsoever.Pure profit for a greedy corporation who had to have their former CEO step down with a severance package of 13 million. But the workers make peanuts and the annual performance reviews are a 4% increase, if you're lucky. They purposely do not give you a good review and keep tabs on every little move you make to justify never giving you a high review.Interesting workhorrible management"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"Management has no clue in terms of what is gong on! The right had does not know what the left hand is doing and it results in an endless cycle of redundancy and inefficiencies. The salary is decent but the bonus structure does not allow you to make much because the majority of what determines your % is based on company performance...which wasn't so great!Decent salaryBack stabbing co-workers, lack of knowledgable managers"

Healthcare Compliance Coordinator (Current Employee) says

"The atmosphere in our facility is very depressing. Our jobs will eventually be taken over by the Mother company, KCI in San Antonio.BenefitsJob security"

Temp (Former Employee) says

"Contractors are not treated as professionals. Random firings, communications between contractors and hiring managers are discouraged.Commute.Communications are poor."

Operation Technician (Current Employee) says

"The job is ethic every. No stable schedule for production. No stable closing time ( You have to finish before you can go home) job ethic is zero, You will learned not to relay on some of the management. Don't trust any of the lead Some management and leads leadership and are unprofessional. Work environment is Stressful. Some co-workers are nice while some relate to others in rude and fowl language. The pay rate is low. The job ethic is zero, too much of politics from management, leads to operators. If either management or leads don't like you, no race or promotion. The clean room is hot and need more advance renovationsJust to pay billsNo feature ( advancement or promotion is none)"

AR Coordinator (Current Employee) says

"Very busy working environment. Great deal of potential for the product. New management attempting to educate themselves on the market and internal issues."

Lead Production Support Technician (Current Employee) says

"There is no accountablility and no advancement opportunities, too stressful.Helping CustomersBad Management"

Assoc. Event and Program Manager (Current Employee) says

"People who do well with office politics will fair welll here. Long hours, after hour networking & relationship building determines professional opportunity & success. Work life balance has to be monitored if important to you. At this company I learned to change, company has experienced a number of restructures which requires employees to be able to change directions with the changing of the gurard. Policy, procedure, corporate mission statement, goals & objectives subject to change at any time. Successful employment will require the ability to get on board with changes. Middle management doesn't receive much oversight leaving employees open to micro-managment. Upper manangment offers complete support to all managers across the board. Company has comparable pay scale and excellent benefits package.Medical Benefits, LifeCell is part of a larger Corporation which gives access to many career opportunitiesInstability of Management, Upper management far removed from employees."

Processing Technician (Former Employee) says

"petty revelry between managers. one has a problem with the other. instead of confronting the issue. they back stab each other and make it worst for the employees under them to get along with other shift employees. 3rh shift alloderm management was the worst. its like you were working for little kids. for a clean room there facility inside the clean room not clean allo4 air handler sometimes hits 80C n still tissue production goes on.the coffee was free.bad management, no increase"

Production (Former Employee) says

"If you don't mind taking orders from unqualified leadership then Lifecell is the place for you! The work is easy but the pay is sub-par."

Engineer (Current Employee) says

"It is very difficult to have worked for this company for over 10 years and see how poorly it has been "managed" into such a tailspin. The two products that have been out there for several years are relatively unchanged, so it is hard to say being in R&D has been satisfying. There are some "Bolt-On" widgets but nothing like Alloderm or Strattice. We've almost launched a new product/technology dozens of times, but Senior Management consistently muddles things up beyond belief. Maybe at J&J they had mature guidance, but on their own they are truly pathetic. The people at the worker level are great, and genuinely put forth their best effort with a lot of talent. There has been excessive turbulence among higher levels of the staff, so the future is quite uncertain for everyone as there is no plan at all. Spending was shut off Q4 to make numbers, and most of Q1 we have no budget or projects to work on. If I stopped paying my bills for several months, I would look flush too. If someone did find work here in a generic field (accounting, cust svc., admin) I'm sure they would love it. The cafe in Bridgewater is a great perk and the building is quiet and much like a library since there isn't much going on. Can't say much about career enhancement, as most in R&D are in same position forever. At least paychecks are regular and don't bounce. Others have commented about the poor management accurately, all buzzwords and hype. New boss has some nebulous title and may not realize how bad things really are just yet - but he will. Handful of VP's let go recently, but with theVery intelligent people at worker level, reasonable pay and days off, easy workload.Lack of leadership, top heavy organization, no future."

Engineer (Current Employee) says

"Job security used as a motivational tool. Project scope creep is common and timelines are not followed. Lack of people and resources to do the work, no support. Every project is considered a priority with constant micro-management. Company undergoing name change and losing brand identity with hedge fund ownership. No new products in R&D. A once promising company a few years ago is now in static limbo awaiting either further headcount reduction or possible IPO. Do your research and proceed with caution.Ice cream once a weekOngoing promotion freeze unless back-filling vacated positions"

current empolyee (Current Employee) says

"Since firing our SVP, Acelity, aka KCI, is slowly firing LifeCell employees or having LifeCell employees report into same level of management at KCI, despite experience. There is no respect for LifeCell employees and I think they are hoping that most employees will quit as they will move most jobs to Texas. We have no voice in the new Acelity organization. Moral and motivation at all time low. KCI thinks they are a big fish in the medical device arena, but they are the only game in town in San Antonio. Welcome to NJ where the competition is fierce! You can't compare to NJ talent."

Tissues Service Document Specialist (Former Employee) says

"This is a fun place to work. Your co-workers are very insecure and will set you up for failure if they think that you are doing a better job then time clock to punch.they watch everything you do."

Account Specialist (Former Employee) says

"• Analyzed, distributed and processed customer fax orders • Answered all calls in a timely manner to satisfy all customer needs • Provided direction to customers on product delivery time • Processed approximately 85-100 orders daily via fax, phone and e-mail • Utilized Oracle database to enter all customer orders and inventory information • Coordinated with Shipping to ensure customer orders were delivered in a timely manner • Collaborated with Accounting to resolve any customer credit holds • Maintained and organized spreadsheets for customer orders and company protocols • Processed credit card transactions • Filed all customer orders to ensure accurate records in case of an auditGreat team membersNot much oppurtunity for personal career grownth."

Production Operator (Former Employee) says

"unprofessional, company lacks a lot in professionalism. forced to work over time. I would definitely not work here especially if you have a light stomach and are afraid to see blood. however a lot has changed since I left and company has been bought and sold several times."

Documentation Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Not a bad company for entry level employees. You can learn quite a bit and fellow employees are very willing to take you under their wing to learn.Friendly atomsphereterrible benefits and compensation"